I don’t know why I did this but in my previous life I brought loads of hearts. Over the last couple of months when I was sorting out all of my stuff I found loads of them. I remember having a couple around my old house, on the wall. I have also found lots of small ones. Of course I just don’t remember buying them all and why I seemed to had the need to buy them all. Luckily all the ones that I have found, tucked away in boxes, are really nice. They are different styles, sizes and colours. So now that I have found them all I have had the task of finding where to put them all around the house. When I think about it it puzzles me that I brought some many hearts and what attracted me to them. I guess this really isn’t too much of a problem it is not harmful to do it! I don’t think now that I would go out and buy a heart. My Mum commented that it is funny that I brought all these hearts because ultimately in the end my heart failed me, it obviously didn’t like me as it wouldn’t of stopped! Anyway I have spent some time looking where to put all these hearts around the house. If you walk around my house now you would find a heart hanging from nearly every door handle. It is a good thing that I don’t like closing doors. My bigger hearts have been located around the garden and outside the front of the house. So everywhere I look now I will see a heart. Like I have already said this is weird as you would think that I would want them around as it would just remind me of the awful thing that happened to me. To be honest I just don’t connect the heart to everything that has happened as everything seems to be focused on the brain. I do cringe if I see a picture of a brain but I guess the shape of a brain is not so common and I don’t think I would buy a brain shape to hang around the house! ❤

One thought on “Heart to heart ♥

  1. I suppose what you have to think of is that although your heart failed it started again so they are a celebration of your new life look at them with happiness, each heart you see can remind you that your heart is still beating. it takes a strong heart to recover and keep going. 💕 and who wants a brain hanging up anyway! In fairness as Duncan said everyone’s brain starts faiding as we age,so at some point, at my point, I just become a little bit more normal😂 !

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