After you have a brain injury you find out just how important routines are. They become a big part of life and helps with the recovery. When you have a brain injury you have problems with your memory and routines make things so much easier. You probably don’t realise that are lives are made up of routines, you just don’t think about them. It is good to have routines when you have a brain injury as it helps you to just remember what is going on and to do everything that is needed to be done. So part of my recovery has been to build up new routines, different from the old ones as the old ones just don’t work anymore. But of course now routines for everyone have disappeared meaning that we all have to make new ones. An injured brain finds this to be very hard and tiring. You spend your time adjusting and accepting the changes and they have just been taken away again. I have received great help and support from various people at Headway and this made it so much easier. I find now though that at the start of my recovery it was hard for me to adjust and accept these new routines I have found that I am really missing them. I have written about the evil bus and the differences in the tasks I do in my job now but I think I must have gotten used to them. I do really miss going on the bus everyday, even though I may not talk to them I miss the familiar faces that I would see everyday. There are a few people that I would talk too and I miss that interaction everyday, an interaction that I would never of had if I didn’t use the bus. My new routines are connected to the new me and doing these have helped me to accept who I am now – which I do like. I miss my new routine of going to the Headway centre every Tuesday. I think this is the thing that I miss the most. I still see most of my new friends via Zoom for an hour every week but it is just not the same. Of course as I am WFH now like most people I need to start new routines but I do think once I get used to them again will they be taken away again when things get back to ‘normal’. I have been feeling very fatigued and I think this is because sometimes my brain is working on overdrive trying to remember and make sure I do everything right. I guess I just need to remember mindfulness and just think about today and not worry too much about tomorrow – I guess that can be a new routine for me.

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