We are so lucky that we live in a world where technology is so accessible. Especially this year, the year of Covid. How would we cope without things such as Zoom. I didn’t have a clue what this was six months ago but now I use it every week for Headway and although it is not the same it is great to actually see the faces of the people have gotten to know over the last couple of years. It is also so easy to do although every session has the comment ‘are you on mute?’ which can be frustrating but funny. You just have to click onto a link and you are virtually surrounded by friends and work colleagues. It has enabled us to try to carry on as normal and to try and make the best of a bad thing. I think that I have previously written about having to get used to another new normal – my new new normal. I think to start with everyone was having to get used to new routines and new technologies. I think now though, I can say that I have had enough. Despite technology enabling us to stay connected with people it is just not the same. I love going into work and socialising with my work colleagues and I really miss this. People who know me may think don’t worry you will soon be back at work but this will just give me more challenges to overcome. There will be new routines to get used to and I imagine that this will also involve new technologies. It makes me feel tired just thinking about it all. I guess I shouldn’t feel stupid when I am at work as they are all aware of the problems I have but I do feel a bit stupid as I used to be so good with technology. I used to be the go to person in my family but now I struggle. You may have noticed that I don’t feel very good today. It is that time year again and every small problems is just escalated in my head. Perhaps I need to press the mute button.

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