There are a few words that I say or people say all the time that I hate.  The main one is normal.  People say ‘that’s normal’ all the time and I cringe.  It’s not normal, I’m not normal, things aren’t normal.  I know I over think things but when you hear it all the time I just want to scream.  Nothing is ‘normal’ if you are recovering from a brain injury, compared to my old life.  I need to embrace the new normal I know but it is hard.  The last year I have been aiming for ‘normal’ but now I realise that won’t happen.  That is probably why I hate the word so much.  Another word I hate is lucky.  I say it all the time but I don’t feel lucky.  I guess you can look at it from both sides.  I wasn’t lucky to have a heart attack, I wasn’t lucky to have a cardiac arrest, I am not lucky as I now have a brain injury.  I guess that is how I see it most of the time.  On the other side I should consider myself lucky as I survived, one of the 8%.  That blows my mind.

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