Every night I listen to something on my phone.  It doesn’t put me to sleep, but listening to it helps me to relax and switch off my thoughts.  It is called Hello Sleep and I found it on the Audible App.  It’s free so even better.  Part of me thinks that I shouldn’t rely on this to get to sleep but why shouldn’t I?  I know there is no reason.  Perhaps  I think that you shouldn’t rely on anything but why not?  I guess I have never heard about people using methods to help them get to sleep but I guess I never asked.  I should of talked to people more but I guess now I do.  It doesn’t hurt and helps.  Another thing I rely on to get me to sleep is my TENS machine.  The best thing I have brought in a long time.  Just thought of another thing I rely on to sleep, classical music, I’m really weird now!  Anyway, sleep well….

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