I don’t say the word lucky much but I am really lucky. But at the same time I could say the word unlucky. I have been thinking about writing a list of the the unlucky things that have happened to me in the last couple of years. But this is probably not good for my mental health but I think it may help me focus on all the lucky things. What are the unlucky things. When I think about it there is only a couple of unlucky things that happened but they are quite big and have changed my life. I had a heart attack, I had a cardiac arrest, how unlucky is that? I know I shouldn’t focus on that and just look at the lucky things that have happened, I’m alive. But it is hard. I have met some wonderful people, it seems like everyday now. I have great family and friends although sometimes I feel they can’t put up with me. I wrote yesterday about seeing a name everywhere, I see that as unlucky. But how unlucky is it that I actually saw the person today? Very unlucky.

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