I have a new word that I hate hearing – client. In my previous life I never really heard this word but in my new life I hear it all the time. It is strange because I am referred as a client in many areas of my life now, I seem to hear it all the time. In the last couple of years I have thought of myself as being a patient but this is a medical term, a person who is under medical care. Well I guess the care I am getting now can’t really been classed as being medical anymore, so I have become a client. I really hate that word. Perhaps I just like being a patient. I guess I should look at it in a positive way as it shows I am moving on. I do feel like I am moving on but that means that I have to look after myself more and that is a bit scary. I do have less medical appointments now which is good, but everything isn’t really fixed yet. Well I have a hospital appointment tomorrow so at least for a short amount of time I can be a patient again.

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