This is a film about a woman who lives two lives side by side. It is about how life can be changed if you take one step differently. I think I may have written about this before. What if? I have been told not to really think about it as you could go crazy but I don’t think that it is a bad thing to do. To imagine living a completely different life. I do find this quite easy to do as I already feel that I am living two lives some times, my life before and after. I feel that I go on about it all the time. But I think I just talk to myself about it in my head all the time. It is hard for people to really understand what it feels like. When I am thinking about it in my head, I am usually doing something different to my ‘old’ life. I could be just simple things such as cooking dinner. To start with I am in a different kitchen but what I do in the kitchen now is very different. I use to get home from work and put something in the oven but now I have time to actually make things which I love to do now. When I think about it I do wonder whether I had the chance to go back to my ‘old’ life would I go back. I feel like I have lost so much but I have also gained so much. Like I have already said I have seen two sides of my life. I have read a post on another BI site and the person said that you need to stop comparing both of your lives and when you can do that, you can finally accept the person that you are now and move on. This is hard though what I would really like to do is to mix them together and just get rid of all the bad things and throw them away. I think that my life isn’t my own anymore and perhaps I need to try gain control of it again. Of course the world we are living in today has changed life again, hopefully it will be a little easier for me to adjust as this time everyone around me will adjusting to it too.

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