I was never very adventurous when choosing what to eat. I think that I must of decided at a young age that I didn’t want to try or eat certain things and this didn’t change over the years. I wasn’t a person who would try new things, new tastes. I had an aversion to fruit and vegetables, anything that is called healthy to eat. I am not sure why this was. Reading this you may think that she is overweight as she must be eating all the wrong foods. That caused her to have a heart attack but this is not the case. My weight has always been OK although I did lose a bit after all my health problems. I would say a heart attack is a good way to lose weight but I wouldn’t recommend it! Anyway in the last couple of years I have become a become very adventurous and the opposite to how I used to be. I surprise myself now as I am open to everything – except peppers which are gross. I have realised that I tended to make and eat food that didn’t have much taste to them. I think I did this as some medication I was taking affected my stomach so bland foods were only on the menu. I think I have realised now that, because I don’t take the medicine anymore I can take more of a ‘risk’. It is amazing. I have never realised that a signal piece of food could have so many different flavours. Now when I go to a restaurant there is so much more choice for me. I have problems making decisions now so it can take some time for me to choose something. I really don’t understand why my tastes have changed so much but perhaps they haven’t changed. Maybe now I am just a bit more ‘adventurous’ when it comes to things now. This might not sound very adventurous to some people as they are not adverse to trying new things but to me it is. Do we just get stuck in our ways not willing to do or try new things. Luckily for me I now am a different person and I have to find out what I like and this is fun to do. I don’t think I have tried any new food that I haven’t liked. My new favorites are sweet potatoes, not just the taste but the amazing colour. I also love avocados which have a great colour. It is funny that I now seem to be willing to try foods now that are classed as ‘healthy’ but I am not eating them now because they are good for my health, I also like them as well. I wonder if I tried them before I was ill would I of liked them them? I will never know.

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