I think all the time that I have so many questions that I fell that I need answering. I am a bit of a novice to my life, only three years in and I am at a point now that I should know all the answers and if I don’t then someone should be able to tell me the answer. I have a thirst for knowledge. I fell like a child who needs to know the answer to everything. As you recover the people you can ask slowly diminishes and the experts disappear. Of course we now all use the ‘expert’ called Goggle but even when I look there the answers remain unanswered. I have been told and I know that every brain injury is different and we experience them in individual ways. But that doesn’t really help me understand. I feel that a lot of the questions I have are based around my poor memory. I the people I ask to remind me say they don’t remember but I think they just don’t realise how important the questions are to me. I thought that getting my hospital records would help me to understand why I have a brain injury but that question is still unanswered I need to investigate this more. Another question is based around the fact that since my brain injury I can’t seem to be able to cry. I used to be a big crier but now there is nothing there. I have asked lots of people why this but no one seems to give me an answer. Like I have just said the question is not important to the people I have asked but it is very important to me. Even an optician couldn’t give me an answer. I feel like this is turning into a bit of a moan and I don’t want it to be but it is very frustrating.