Found out today that the the best thing not to do after nearly dying is to go to a funeral.  It was for a work colleague only 31.  All the time I was there I was thinking this could of been my funeral – with a lot less people of course.  Was I crying for her or for myself.  It was so weird.  Got another hospital appointment today, another part of my body that is useless.  I wish it is something bad that would kill me as it would be easier.  Couldn’t speak to Alice today.  We looked at each other but didn’t say anything.  Just wanted to give her a big hug and wanted her to give me one to.  Got lots of hugs though.  Thinking of emailing her to say to meet up sometime, we need to have a good chat.  Perhaps we need to go out and get drunk together.  I will email her and see what she thinks.

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