Today was meant to really positive for me and most of it was.  Where I work held CPR sessions to teach people how to do it.  So many people turned up, over 100.  It was so positive but one letter shut that done.  I don’t really want to write about it, good thing I have counselling tomorrow.  I hate my brain injury, I hate it so much.  Spoke to a psychiatrist this morning but that was a waste of time.  He just talked about medication.  They just want to medicate you to shut you up. I don’t hold up much help for any counselling through them as he said 4-6 months.  That is so ridiculous I suppose drugging people up is the only help they can give.  Alice let me down when she found out I had a mental health problem, he who can’t be named seems to have done that as well.  I didn’t think that person would do that.  Wish my heart would stop.

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