I had to sign something today that I didn’t really want to sign but it is the best for me.  I am going to sell my house.  It is horrible to do it but now I realise that at first I can’t really live on my own anymore and also I wouldn’t be able to afford it.  I am trying to see it as a positive thing.  When I tell people they pull a face to start with but when I explain it they support my decision, and it is my decision.  I don’t see a future otherwise, well not the same future anyway.  It is moving quite quickly I already have a viewing on Saturday.  Hopefully it will be quick and simple.  Thinking positive, I went to the recovery college and did some writing.  I found the first activity quite hard as I had to use my brain but enjoyed the second one where I had to write a story.  I also enjoyed sharing with the group, never had the confidence to do that before the brain injury.  Also told the group about my blog so may share the address at some point.  Won’t talk about the negative thing that happened today that made cry.  I don’t cry anymore but I cried today.

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