Went to a workshop today about increasing motivation.  There were only three of us in the workshop, not much motivation to go obviously.  It was helpful and I need to think small at the moment.  If I think too big then nothing will get done.  It is easy to motivate yourself to do a small task and hopefully things will slowly increase.  As always I think that going back to work will motivate me but still waiting.  One of the ladies doing the session today remembers me from when I was in the hospital last year, she was doing neuro rehab.  Of course I don’t remember her but her face did look familiar.  She said I had made a great recovery.  People say this to me all the time but I just just don’t see it as I have no memory of how bad  I was.  That is good but it is weird that people seem to know so much about me that I don’t remember.

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