It is so strange to have problems with memory.  When you say to someone that you have problems with your memory they will say my memory is bad too, or say you seem to remember this and that,but is just not the same.  I am touch typing this so I do know my memory is getting better as I couldn’t do this a year ago.  But I have been told that my memory will not getting better and I just need to use things to help me, or relearn things.  It  is really a problem with short term memory.  If someone asks me what I did yesterday I will have to have a good think about it as I wouldn’t have a clue.  I don’t have a clue thinking about it now.  If I get tired it gets worse.  I’m always  tired.  I think getting back to work will really help me remember things.  Sitting at home doesn’t help although I don’t seem to have a free day until Friday.  Need to check my diary.  Need to remember to check my diary.

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