A good thing about going to Headway is they do sessions there that are all about brain injury education.  To be honest is sounds quite boring but I have found it very helpful.  I don’t think I would have thought this would be helpful but it is, not just for me but I feel like if people ask me questions now about ABI I would be able try to answer them.  Of course I need to remember it all.  Today I learnt about the consequences of a brain injury.  A while ago I would have looked at it as see all the things as negative.  But today I looked at it and it made me feel really positive as everything I have been feeling, everything that is now wrong with me is ‘normal’.  I didn’t like the word normal but now it is OK.  The thing is, do I now need to teach people about these things too?  To let them know that it is normal now for me and not too worry if I do something strange or unusual.  It may not be normal for the old Joanna,  but it is for the new Joanna.

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