I learnt about this at Headway yesterday and it is really interesting to find out about.  It is basically the changes that people go through after a life changing event.  To be honest I don’t really understand it fully but I think that when you reach the depression stage that is good.  Before you get to this stage you go through feelings of shock, denial and frustration.  Once you reach the depression stage you are finally accepting your new life and you realise that changes have to be made to help you progress.  That is why it is so good to be depressed!  Well in relation to the change curve it is.  While it might be good, it is the hardest part.  Now I realise that I am different I need to go through the stages of experimentation, decision making and integration.  I wrote a bit last night that I will say at my back to work meeting next week.  I like reading it back to myself as it shows that I now ready to try again but to accept the changes that need to be made.  Hopefully what I say will make it obvious to those who are there.

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