I am not a great lover of mirrors but when I look in one now I am surprised at the face that is looking back at me.  I just don’t recognise the face.  I know it is me but I look different.  I have aged.  I guess through life you don’t really notice that you are aging but for me I have flicked a switch and I am old.  I know I am not OLD but I am older than I remember.  My face recognition is not good and I can look at my family and sometimes not recognise them.  They have aged as well!  I feel like I stare at people just to take their face into my memory.  Even after taking photos, I will look back at them, know who they are but think to myself, they look different.  When I was studying for my Masters I did a lot about identity parades and face recognition.  I would be terrible at that now!  Like with everything now, will it get better or will I just have to get used to it.

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