When I was first ill I would say all the time, ‘I don’t dream anymore’. That was really strange, for about six months I didn’t dream at all. Looking back at this time I am starting to realise that I probably did dream but when I woke up as my memory was so poor I probably didn’t remember them. I need to ask someone about this but I can’t, it is so frustrating. When I did start dreaming they were very basic, I can’t give one as an example but I remember they weren’t much. That was the case until very recently, in the last couple of weeks. My dreams are now starting to be a bit stranger, people I know are in them, they are more complex. They are not up to the usual standard yet but I am sure they will be. I remember before I was unwell sometimes I would have a dream when I thought I was awake but couldn’t move. It was horrible until I realised that I could move my feet then it wasn’t so bad. Thinking about it now it was probably a sign of something bad I was thinking about but I don’t want to think about this. I like my dreams now, they are not weird. I see it as a sign though of my brain recovering, it is very slow but it is recovering.

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