This sounds really medical and I guess it is. Someone mentioned it to me a while ago and recently I have been thinking about it alot. The Headway website is great as you can find out all about it there. It is a bit shocking though as the amount of time you have this after you sustain your brain injury, the more severe your brain injury is. Well I don’t seem to have any memory for at least a month after my injury so this means I have a severe brain injury. It doesn’t feel like it but they do say that some people, a small amount of people with a severe injury do exceptionally well. I don’t want to big myself up but it feels good to read this. As it shows how bad it could of been. I always thought these memories would come back but they just weren’t formed in my brain so they are not there. It is weird to think that people know things about you that you just don’t know yourself. It is probably good that I don’t remember as it was probably awful. When I ask my family about how I was like during this time it is strange as is like they are talking about someone I don’t know. It is why I seemed to have hit a blank whilst writing my story as I don’t know what happened at that time. Perhaps I should go back to this bit later on.

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