So today I am doing more packing. It is horrible but I have to do it. I was looking at things in the shed. I don’t know if I need them, just chucked them in a box. It reminds me when my uncle died unexpectedly and we had to go through all his stuff and through most of it away. That was easier as he was gone but I am still here. I probably don’t need to take most of it but I can’t throw it away yet. I have just come back to this post as it made me think of bad things. It’s strange, I know I didn’t die but when I do anything now I just relate it to being dead. It is so strange, I need to talk to someone about this but who? I can write it down but it doesn’t make it go away. The three things are creeping up on my all at the same time again and I can’t do anything to stop it. I need some emojis.

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