This is a great thing that I learnt about at Headway last week. It is not about acceptance from other people, although this would be nice. It is about the acceptance of my new self. You need to accept the new self before you really can make any progress and move forward. Like with everything it is hard and I guess it takes a while as at first you don’t really think you are any different to how you used to be. I guess this is where the change curve goes into play. You have to first accept that things are going to be different and to try to make it easier by not setting your goals too high. I was setting my goals too high and that caused problems. But it shouldn’t be bad to set your goals high, should it? You would never do anything new if you did that? I guess going back to work is a good example. I thought I would go back and after a few months everything would be normal but how wrong was I? I will right about the work thing in another blog as it will depress me but I know have accepted that changes had to be made. I need to just focus on the things that I can do and not worry about the things I can’t do now – accept it.

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