I have written about memory before but it is a big part of my life so I have to write about it again. Everyday I am so frustrated about how I can remember things and not remember other things. I guess I am thinking about it a lot at the moment as it affecting me quite a bit at work. My memory seems to be in the past. I can remember things that I did when I was a teenager but I just can’t remember how I did things at work a year ago. There is probably a good and understandable answer to this question, I just need to find it. I just can’t believe that it is possible to completely forget how to do something or forget how you used to do something. It is confusing for me and it must be confusing for people who know me. This makes it so hard to go shopping. I can’t remember what I used to cook and what I used to like to eat. It is just a simple thing to know about yourself but I just don’t know. I am trying to get my independence back and this will help me. There are so many things at work that I just don’t remember and it makes me feel really stupid. I am worried that it just won’t come back.

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