Everything I do now is hard as I think I am doing it wrong. This is the case most of the time when I am at work. I am painfully slow at doing things as I am worried that I will make a mistake. Some times I do. My memory doesn’t help as from one day to the next I can’t remember what I do. I know I should do all the things that I am told, make notes to remind me. It just seems so unusual to do this all the time. The other day I was asked why I had done a particular thing. I just couldn’t remember and it was so frustrating. I have great people that I work with and it turned out that I hadn’t done anything wrong. I know that people are checking up on me all the time and this makes it hard. I guess it is just another thing that I have to get used to I suppose. I know it is not bad to make a few mistakes, everyone makes mistakes. I guess I am just being overcritical of myself. I just want to go back to the person that I used to be 18 months ago but it is just impossible. I don’t remember if I always made mistakes at work but at least no one was checking up on me all the time.

2 thoughts on “Making mistakes

  1. I think your right we are either unaware we’ve made a mistake at all or completely paranoid about making one and hyposensitive to the fact that we have! and yes people do make mistakes all the time and that’s just life but when your struggling so hard just to get everything right it’s another knock to get over and try and find a way round. It takes so much energy and investment to do things I suppose that to think you my have done it wrong is just a bit to much sometimes (well actually all the time!) and then to know that your going to have to re learn or struggle to do it again, you really need to do it right in the first place .so it really is not quite the same as ‘just a mistake everyone does it ‘. But we’ll get there one thing we have gained is an inner strength from some where to keep trying even when we don’t feel like it!x


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