I think about this number all the time. I want to get a tattoo of this number on my body somewhere. I want to be able to look at is to remember how lucky I am. The thing is only 8% of people who have a cardiac arrest survive it. Thinking about it blows my mind. I was healthy and I had a heart attack that in itself is mind blowing. I was lucky as the night it happened I was not home alone as would have usually have been. My parents had the good sense to called the paramedics out and they were in the room when it happened to me. I believe now that things happen for a reason. I need to think about this all the time but it could have been so much different. When I told my family about the 8% they said they knew. This annoyed me as I feel they were just keeping secrets from me. I first thought it was 10% when I looked it up and it made me really frightened but when I found out it was actually 8% I actually felt really lucky. I know that sounds stupid but I did.

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