I owe my life today to the wonderful paramedics that saved me. I have been able to meet up with one of them last year but I know that there were at least two others that I haven’t seen. You don’t think about it but it must, sometimes, be a horrible job to do. Probably a lot of the time is taken up buy older people but there must also be some horrific things that they see. I think when they turned up at my house when I was having a heart attack they probably just thought is was an easy call out but I guess I messed the night up for them. I guess it could have been worse as I could of died so at least I did make it better for them! When I spoke to the paramedic I was surprised to hear that they don’t really get much feedback on the people they treat day to day. That must be strange but I guess something that you get used to. It is probably part of the training. I guess it is up to the people that they help and save to let them know just how wonderful they are. When I am on the bus I often pass the station where they are based and I think that I need to try and meet up with them again. I think to myself that life isn’t great, I am on the evil bus but at least I am still alive and it is down to them.

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