I get really worried when I have to do something new, or something that I haven’t done for a while. I used to be good at things and good at understanding things. Now I have problem with it. Today I had to go into a shop and ask for help with something that two years ago I would have able to do. When the guy started to explain I got really frustrated and had to use the brain injury ‘card’ to help both of us. I hate having to do this but I am getting used to it as it helps everyone. I think the guy in the shop got a bit fed up with me and he passed me onto someone else. This evening I had to do something online connected to it. I took me a while but I managed to do it without any help. Now I am thinking about it I am really pleased with myself. I was just a little thing but it has made me so happy. I guess I just need to focus on the little things that I can do now and not focus on all the things that I can’t do anymore.

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