Over the last year I have doing some brain training, I try to do it every night. A lady from neuro rehab recommended it to me. You have to subscribe to use it but it doesn’t cost too much. It is called Lumosity. I think I have written about it before. So I have been using it now for a while and the stats that I can see from it do show that I am getting better at it. I have seen that some people say that your brain isn’t actually getting any better. With practice you just get better at the games so your scores increase. I can be believe this but it does also help you see what areas you need to focus on more. For me it is memory and maths where I score way below average. I also used to do Suduko every night as that is meant to be good for your brain as well. I haven’t done much of it recently and I should find some time to do it again. It of course helps that I was used to doing it before my brain injury so I wasn’t really learning anything new. That will be my new aim, every evening now, do some Suduko.

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