This is the length of what is called my down time. Basically the amount of time I was ‘technically’ dead. It is weird to think about this but it is in my thought a lot of the time. I wondered what was happening to me at the time. I can imagine it was a terrifying time for my family. It is hard for them to tell me what happened so I just imagine it in my head. 15 minutes is quite a long time. Someone recently asked me when she found out about my 15 minutes, did you have an out of body experience? I guess when you die you think that you are reunited with family and friends but to be honest there was nothing that I remember. A lady that had a brain injury on the TV was asked the same question and she gave the same answer. It in fact is quite comforting to me knowing this as now I know when you die that is it. You don’t see your family grieving, seeing the things that you are going to miss. I guess it all connected to the brain. Your brain is not working properly so there is just nothing there to see.

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