All the time I try to think of interesting things to write on this blog. All I can think about at the moment is how much I like spring. It is my favourite season. When I look out of the window when I am in the car or the bus I love looking at the blossom on the trees and all the flowers are coming up. My favourite is the magnolia tree blossom. It only lasts for a few weeks but when I see a magnolia tree it just makes me smile. It sounds silly but I just think about this time last year when I was recovering I wasn’t able to appreciate all these wonderful things. I am now just remembering that I like all these things. Another favourite are the yellow rapeseed fields which look wonderful, I could just sit and look at them for hours. The good thing about not driving is that you have more time to look at and take in all the wonderful spring nature. I realise now that you really need to appreciate everything that is around and everything that you can do. In a flash it could all be over.

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