I used to write a journal everyday, now I write a blog. Before I was unwell I never thought about doing this but I was advised to start one by a psychologist I was seeing, this time last year. Well this morning I decided to look through it to see how I was doing last year. I have good memories of writing the journal. The thing is that reading through it now is really worrying as it is really honest. I guess that is what a journal should be, I wouldn’t be able to write it in my blog now. It is clear that I really wasn’t doing well mentally. Did people recognise this? I am a bit annoyed at the psychologist as he must have noticed it. I guess that is stupid to say that as he did help me a lot. I had a realisation problem this time last year. I didn’t realise what was happening to me. Now all the things that I am reading in my journal seem so familiar as I seem to be feeling all the same things I did a year ago. Luckily now I realise that I am depressed and I shouldn’t be afraid off saying that.

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