The other day I watched a documentary by Louis Theroux talking to people whose lives have been changed by brain injury. I was really interesting to watch and I could relate to each of the three injury survivors he interviewed, in different ways. One thing that someone said in the programme, I can’t remember if it was a survivor, a family member or Louis, really stuck with me. They said that they seemed to be stuck in between their old life and their new life. I feel that I am at this point at the moment. All the time I think about my ‘old’ life and get depressed. I talked about this with my Mum, I miss my old house, my garden, being independent. I need to get out of this stage I know but it is hard but it is the only way to move on. I know I can’t go back to my old life but I liked my old life, I don’t know if I like the new one yet. I sound really depressed but I am OK. This is just one minute in my life.

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