It seems strange to write about this, what is an invisible disability? They call brain injury an invisible disability and it is for most people. I am very lucky as I look the same, walk the same and talk the same as I used to. There of course are a few things about me that are different but if you sat next to me on a bus you wouldn’t know. When people think about disability you think about a person in a wheelchair, with a walking stick – the physical disability. You can’t see the brain, you can’t see that it is injured. Also, people are afraid to talk about disability as they think it would offend someone if you asked them. Luckily we now live in a time where everyone is accepted despite differences there may be. I am not afraid now to tell someone that I have a brain injury as it helps everyone. I can be myself and not being anxious, worrying about what people think of what I may say or do. I realise now that when I was trying to be ‘normal’ again last year it caused me to have mental health problems. I am not ‘normal’ anymore I have a disability now and things will be different. They call brain injury an invisible disability and it was invisible even to me.

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