I have always loved listening to music. My parents were always listening to music and I guess my love has come from them. At school I loved Howard Jones and of cause Wham. Recently I have found myself listening to 80’s music which is great. I have a rack full of CD’s but I just don’t listen to them. The music that I used to listen to all the time just doesn’t seem to interest me anymore. There is nothing wrong with the music, it is still great. I just don’t understand why I can’t enjoy listening to it anymore. I need to understand this but there is just no one who I can ask. Perhaps the music reminds me of my past life, when I was happy. It reminds me of the good times when I went to concerts, something that I just can’t do now. One thing that I do enjoy listening to now which I never listened to before is classical music. I have found some pieces that I listen to at night when I am trying to get to sleep. If all other methods have failed I turn this on and I just fall asleep. I guess you are wondering why I call this post Wet Wet Wet? I was just going to call it ‘Music’ and that just sounded boring. My first, second, third and probably forth concert that I went to as a teenage was for the band Wet Wet Wet, my sister was a big fan!

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