I got off the bus today and was walking home in the sun and this song came on the radio. It got me thinking. My days now are so different to how they used to be, some are better and some are worse. For the last few months I have been waiting for things to happen and now that they have is this it? Is this my life now, get used to it. My sister said last night the term ‘new normal’ in relation to my ability now. I guess this is true, everything is a new normal now. It is a lot of getting used to and when the support you get comes to an end you have to cope with it on your own. I know I have supportive people around me still and I am very lucky. But none of them have a brain injury, they really don’t know what it is like. Anyway I am getting a bit negative and this was meant to be a positive post! I have been looking a bit into mindfulness, It is a bit hard to really understand but I think it basically gets you to focus on the now. Don’t worry about the past or future just think about now. So when I was walking home I was just thinking about how wonderful it was to be walking, how lovely the weather was and what a great day it was at work talking to my friends. It was another day in my ‘new’ paradise.

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