Recently I have been trying new things. It is silly to say that I don’t remember why I didn’t like or liked something. I guess over the years you just get stuck into doing the same things as it is normal and easy. I guess I have a new life now so it gives me the opportunity to try new things. Most of these new things are food related. Before my brain injury I used to come home from work and put something in the oven to eat. Now I have a lot more time to do things so I have got my recipes out and have started to cook again. Some things have worked out well and some not so well. I think everything has been edible. When I go out now and have to decide what to buy for lunch I take a lot more time to decide what to have. It is hard though when you go out with someone as they know what they want and they don’t want to hang around and wait for you to decide. My have problems making decisions and if my choice is everything on offer then it could take a long time to decide! I watch different things on TV now, listen to different music, shop in different shops. It is exciting trying out new things.

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