I haven’t driven since I had my brain injury. I haven’t really needed too. I get a free bus pass and I can get the bus to work so that helps a lot. The thing is, I really want to drive, I want to so much. The ability to drive gives you so much independence. In the last month I have been looking into starting driving again. It has been 15 months now. It is very complicated, it is just not the case of getting in a car and giving it a go. One lady gave me this advice and even I knew this was stupid! I need an assessment and probably some lessons. I have tried a lot of things that I used to do and I feel that doing this will be another stake in my recovery. I am desperate to recover but I need to do things properly. If I go back to driving too quickly and ‘fail’ there maybe serious consequences for others if I crash. I went to see my doctor today to ask him about driving again. He said I am not ready yet so I will be using the bus for a while.

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