I don’t know if this is a brain injury problem or a mental health problem, but I find that I am just not interested in anything anymore. People around me are excited about doing things and it confuses me as I just don’t understand why. I have only just noticed this but I guess I have felt like this since my injury. I feel bad thinking this way but nothing seems to help me get out of this. I went on holiday and it didn’t interest me at all. I just went there, did what was planned each day and came home. There was now enjoyment. I don’t want to feel like this and it sounds ungrateful for me to feel like this as I know it could of been so much worse. You should be happy, your’e alive, people might think but I just don’t understand it anymore. I feel like I have forgotten how to be happy. I think of things that I used to like to do, see, watch, hear, eat but they just don’t interest me anymore.

4 thoughts on “Not interested anymore

  1. I’m not sure either but feel the same if it helps! It’s like you have to put yourself out for others to enjoy themselves so they don’t keep going on at you -fake enjoyment! My Family say oh your laughing that’s rare but nice to see! Really thanks so that ruins a tiny moment of happiness that may occur. Perhaps it’s the constant tiredness perhaps it’s medication I don’t know but it’s not just you be reassured x


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