You don’t really think about it, when your life is ‘normal’, that your life is full of routines you do day to day. You don’t really think about them you just do them. I am trying to start them again, I guess it’s a way of trying to get back to a ‘normal’ life again. Routines are good as help you with your memory. If you do sometime at the same time everyday then you won’t forgot to do it. Now my day seems to be getting busier I forgot what I have done. The simple things like, have I had a shower, did I wash my hair today, what did you do yesterday? If I get into a routine it will be easier for me to remember these things and I won’t need to think about it so much. I guess I need to start writing things down, make out a plan. Now I am ‘recovering’ people seem to think that I don’t need so much help, I need to help myself. Life is different now so I have to get used to new routines. They are not bad, not different I just need to remember them.

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