I have been thinking about writing about this for a while and yesterday at Headway we did an activity that touched on this. What is my purpose in life. It is another thing that you don’t really think about day to day but I guess when you go through such a thing as I have, you look at your life and analyse it. What is my purpose in life and why do I need to have one? I guess over the last year I have had things that I have been working towards. They have many different things, some have been hard, some turned out to be unexpected and some have been good. Recently I have had these things to give me purpose in my life. Something to work towards. It seems now that I have run out of things and I am trying to understand where I am going. What is the purpose in my life now? Like I have said, I have been thinking about this recently and realise that work is my purpose in life. To some this may seem really sad, but work has been the constant in my life during my ‘recovery’. I remember in the first few months of recovery I was talking about going back to work. Where I work have stuck by be and I have been so lucky. I guess it helps that it helps that I have worked there for 19 years! Work gives me purpose, gets me out of bed in the morning. Some days it is really hard but some days it shows me that I AM RECOVERING and this is great.

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