I was watching TV a while ago and a person said this phrase and I really liked it. He was talking about a bad time in his life and thinking in this way helped him get through it. Some things are easy to get through but other moments are harder to get through and you need help. Can I see the last two years and look back at it as just a small moment in my life? It is a defining moment in my life, a moment that has changed everything. But do I I need to look at it as being small? Will this help me get through it. If I look at is as being small then I can move on? Discover new things, the new me. If I look at it as being small then it will show my acceptance of it, which is important to move on. I feel that I am at a door in my life, if I open I can go forward. But I think fear is holding me back as if I go through it, through the small moment then this is my life now. I don’t know if I want this to be it but I guess it is acceptance again. Was it small moment in the life of my family and friends but to me it will always be a large one.

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