Today is my second reborn day. People who suffer a cardiac arrest like to celebrate the day and not look back at it and get depressed. It is not easy to do as as I have written before as it has approached my sense of dread has increased. I can’t remember anything that happened on 18th September 2017 but it is the day my life changed. Over the last few weeks I have been asking people to try and remember what happened but it hard for them. Perhaps they don’t remember or don’t want to remember. Throughout the day I will be thinking about what happened at certain times of the day. This year and last year I am trying to do good things to try and take my thoughts from what was happening. I am going to have a bit of a pamper and eat lots of good food. I will put my headphones on and listen to good music and try to embrace my life now. 8% of people of people survive a cardiac arrest and live to celebrate this day. We need to think about the 92% who don’t survive.

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