I have written about going on the bus before and called it the evil bus. My experience of buses is getting better, I guess I am just getting used to it. It is two years now since I stopped driving. The first year was because of medical reasons and I guess it still is in a way. When I was a teenager it was just natural to use a bus and I guess it is becoming that way now too. There are so many different types of people that use the bus. Some of them I chat to which is nice. Mostly the bus users are either young or old. I am just in the middle. When I see a person, like me, on the bus I wonder why they are using it and not driving. I think things like perhaps they have been banned or perhaps they can’t afford a car. I was on a few buses the other day that were really busy, looking at the people on them, thinking what their story may be. Then I thought to myself that they may be just like me. It is not their choice to use the bus and perhaps they just have to use it because of medical reasons. There is a guy on the bus to work who seems to have an injury to his hand which is probably at the moment preventing him from driving. He doesn’t look very happy and he is probably at the stage where the bus is evil. I guess I have an injury too, a brain injury but no one can see it. Perhaps they are wondering why I am using the bus.

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