I think I may have written about this before but I want to write about it again today as I am so tired. Fatigue is a just one of the things that come with brain injury. It is not always physical tiredness it is more that your brain is tired. But when your brain is tired it just makes everything so difficult to do. Attention, concentration, memory, talking, walking, typing, remembering words, I could go on. If your brain is fatigued then it is just so hard to do anything. I did a course at Headway which teaches you how to manage fatigue and to try to prevent it getting really bad. We talked about all the right foods to eat which are the ones that I don’t really like eating. Now I plan my week out so I try to do the more important things at the beginning of the week or the beginning of the day. I am in bed every week night by 10 pm. No TV after 9 pm. It is quite easy to do this, especially as I realise that it will stop me being so fatigued when I wake up in the morning, When I say to people that I am tired it sometimes annoys me when they say I am tired too. I do believe that they are tired but it is just not the same. Today I was so tired. I could hardly put one foot in front of the next. It is good that I have work to go to as I would have just stayed in bed all day. It is good to have a purpose to get up in the morning. I try not to nap, this is something that I learnt in the fatigue management course. Don’t nap after 4 pm but today when I got home from work I was just about able to make it up the stairs and I went to bed and stayed there for three hours. I am not worried about not being able to sleep tonight as my body still feels really tired. I have a busy weekend but I am doing good things I just hope that I am not too fatigued. I guess I just have to focus on the good things I am doing and I won’t notice the fatigue, hopefully.

2 thoughts on “I am so tired

    1. Thanks Samuel, that is another thing that people always say when I say I’m tired! I had my blood checked last week and they are fine. I wish it was that simple to take a tablet and make it better! Thanks xx


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