I have been told to write a positive post as my last few have been a bit negative. Well September is over so hopefully I will start to feel a bit more positive. A positive thing happened when I went to Headway yesterday. I have been going to Headway for a year now and when I started going I did a cognitive test called the MOCA (Montreal Cognitive Assessment). It is a very low key test and you are scored out of 30. 26 and over is classed as normal. When I did the test last year my score was 21. It was a bit shocking to hear this but I guess it showed me that all the difficulties I was having were not just in my head. There is something to work on. Well for the last year I have been working on it. Lots of brain training and relearning. Yesterday I took the MOCA test again at Headway. I thought that it would be easy, the test looks easy. Well yesterday I scored 24, I immediately said ‘it’s not 26’ but I was told to look at is positively. I had picked up three points so it shows that I am improving. It does feel good to have evidence that I am improving but it is not fast enough for me. I am getting a bit negative again! The main thing that I had problems with was with the memory questions. This doesn’t surprise me as it is a noticeable problem and being aware of it helps me to deal with it. You can only take the test once a year so I guess I will have to carry on and hopefully next year it will be even more positive. I know it is positive and I am pleased with the result. Woo Hoo!!

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