When I looked at my Twitter account at work today I saw my face staring back at me which was a shock. Especially as I really hate the photo. Welcome to any new readers of my blog! Anyway, I was planning to post something today as it is World Mental Health day. Over the last year I have had struggles with my mental health. We are lucky to live in a world today where it is OK to say this and not worry what people think. Before it became a problem with me I never would of thought about it but when you have a problem with it you can’t stop thinking about it. My focus for the next year is to try to accept all that has happened to me and to make the best life possible to me. I can’t say that I have been helped a lot by the mental health services. I have been in there ‘care’ for a year now and I am still waiting for something positive for them. There is a thing on the TV today called ‘every mind matters’ but this is just a catchy slogan. The reality is very different. I guess they are trying to promote ways to help yourself and now shy away from it. Today at work I went to a session about mindfulness. We talked about being in the moment. This is a really good thing to do, I do it already when getting to sleep at night. I listen to music or an eBook and always fall asleep. I would recommend it. I do recommend that if you do struggle with your mental health, do talk to someone and if the first person can’t help, ask someone else. Once you start talking it is very hard to stop. That’s why I write my blog!

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