I think I have written about dreaming before and I think I want to write about it again because I can dream now. I know this sounds stupid but it is great to be to dream again. I can always remember that when I was first recovering I would wake up in the morning I would think to myself that I didn’t dream last night. You don’t really think about it and only really notice when you have a strange or scary one. I just didn’t remember anything. I realise now that I probably did dream but as my memory was so bad I just didn’t remember them. Over the months I slowly did remember them but only remembered basic details about it so they seemed very basic and not interesting. The good thing now is that over the last few months I realise that my dreams are becoming a bit more interesting and when I wake up I think to myself, wow that was good. In the past I can’t remember having nightmares and I hope that won’t occur as I have lots of scary things to dream about now. I am looking at this as a really positive part of my recovery. I may not sound important to non brain injury survivors but it is really important as it shows that things are getting better. My memory is getting better. My brain is getting better. I wake up in the morning and now I can smile.

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