Today was a really positive day for me. For the last two years, at work we have celebrated Restart a Heart day. How do you celebrate Restart a Heart day you would think. Well over the last two years over 150 people have been trained to do CPR. It is amazing that this amount of people have given up an hour of their day to learn this important skill. Today I attended all of the sessions, I just wanted to be there to thank everyone of them for taking part and if only one of these people have to use the skill they learnt today it will all be worth it. I shared my story to try to show how important the knowledge of CPR is. If CPR was not given to me I wouldn’t be here today. It was quite hard to watch the information being shown. I kept thinking that happened to me and how terrifying it must have been for my family to see it happen. Only 8% of people who suffer a cardiac arrest survive and they only survive because of CPR. It is great to know that from next year CPR will be taught in secondary schools and this will hopefully raise the shocking 8%. I don’t want to big myself up but I am really proud that I have been able to set up, with a lot of help, these sessions over the last two years. I have been lucky to have a great man at work as well who is willing to run the sessions. He should be equally proud. I wrote a blog post on this day last year when something bad happened afterwards. I wrote that I wanted my heart to stop but I am glad that it didn’t and hope that it will keep beating for many more years.

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