Menial tasks

When I talk about what I do at work now I say I just do the menial tasks. I had to check the spelling of this word and the description of the word does some up some of the work I do now. Menial tasks take little training, skill and talent. I don’t want to complain as work have been great to me and have basically created a job for me to do and one that I can do. Yesterday I spent a lot of the time folding boxes and trying to work out how to fit them into a cupboard. Not very exciting but I have to think about the skills that I used to do it. When you do menial tasks you are more aware of what you are doing. There were decisions that I had to make and some problem solving, all things that I find hard to do at the moment. You don’t realise how much you use these simple skills in day to day life. Because of this perhaps I can only really do menial tasks now. I guess this is being a bit negative. I guess I am just starting again and hopefully in time I will be able to do more challenging things. I just hope that I don’t start getting bored doing these tasks. I need to look at this a different way I suppose. Two years ago it would have been impossible for my family to see me doing any tasks menial or not. I keep telling myself this to try and make myself feel better. I should be able to remember how ill I was but I just can’t and this is so infuriating. I know I go on about this all the time but I just want to know. I guess only I can really understand this.

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