I know I have written about fatigue before but is is a big part of my life and it needs to be managed. Before I went to Headway I didn’t really look at is as a problem following my brain injury. As with everything I am learning now, it is important to be aware of it to help me cope with life now. Last year I did a fatigue management course and last week I had a refresher. It was good to see that I am using many of the techniques that I learnt in day to day life now. They are simple things such as sitting down when I am waiting for the bus. It is energy conservation. I will conserve more energy sitting down than standing up. When you go up the stairs, stop and think. Is there anything that I need to bring up with me because if I forget something and have to go down and get it, using energy. I have tried to organise where I live as I was spending lots of time going up and down the stairs to get things. Everything that I need is now on one floor so I don’t have to go too far to get things. I found that I was getting a bit ‘lazy’ as when I needed to do something but it meant I had to go downstairs, I just didn’t do it. That would really annoy me and lower my mood, which also makes you fatigued so it just goes round and round. I am feeling more positive about my fatigue management now. I have put in place many techniques to help myself. I have been told to look at my energy levels as a battery. Don’t let your power go to zero as it will take so much more time to get back to full power again. Take breaks and give yourself time to power up. It would be nice to able to go at full pelt everyday but that is just not possible anymore. I am having a power up day today as I have a busy day tomorrow and I want to have the energy to enjoy it.

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